Daniel Goleman wrote his first book on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in 1995 it is surprising that many leaders pay scant attention to the EQ side of their makeup…..Or is it?

Team Engagement is another example, since 2000 exhaustive studies have proven the effect this has on lifting morale, motivation,  retention and results, yet many leaders fail to appreciate the effect they can have on their team and results by putting in place time & cost effective engagement practices.

It is sad to see that the latest Gallup Research in 2013, covering 150,000 workers has seen only a 3% increase in employees who are “Fully Engaged” at work….up from 27% to 30%.

Dr Jim Harter, Gallup’s Chief Scientist of workplace management and well-being initiated both of these surveys.

In my consulting and coaching work I find the same thing Harter says, “A lot of leaders understand the essential importance of improving engagement, but many see the macro numbers of engagement and dismiss them as not relating to them or their firm. But when you survey them and show them their own results, it tends to shock them. And that’s when they tend to do something to correct it.”

I have been doing engagement surveys with businesses for over 5 years and it is heartening to work with businesses committed to improve and see them increase engagement and results by teaching their leaders simple, yet effective strategies to improve engagement and attitude. I call Engagement Intelligence (EQ2) as I feel it is putting your EQ into action by diving deep and wide with all team members to find their individual motivating factors (Hot Buttons) and then playing to these on an individual basis.

The first step is to ensure a leader understands EQ before they start the process of engaging their teams, in my opinion EQ can be summed up as follows:

  • Know Yourself  (What is your makeup )
  • Manage Yourself  (Beware of being seen as a moody leader)
  • Manage Relationships (It is all about feelings…show you care)

Whilst many leaders do not value, or understand, how “soft skills” have an enormous impact on morale motivation and results it is great to work with the ones who are committed to improve.

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It is also great to see organisations like Yale adding an EQ test to its admission process to their Management School, as well as leading businesses having a focus on EQ in the hiring process.

The following article from Daniel Goleman sheds more light on the importance of EQ…….And remember that with engagement most businesses have around 50% “Fence Sitters” neither “Fully Engaged” or “Actively Disengaged”, I call these fence sitters the “Sweet Spot” as leaders actively using engagement intelligence (EQ2) can bring these to the fully engaged side.

The Emotional Intelligence Skills Employers Want Now

Best wishes on your engagement journey!

A word of warning, do not survey your team on engagement unless you are prepared to address their concerns… perception is reality and if you fail to address their issues engagement will go backwards.

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