The Importance of a Game Plan

Today we are going to look at a “Game Plan” a simple 4 or 5 point plan that is formulated by you and your team with a view of achieving your intentions.

The following is a sample “Game Plan” that I have used successfully in a number of businesses….

Game Plan

    1.   Customer Care

  • Find your “WOW” – What is your special sauce?
  • Over Promise and DELIVER!
  • Leaders do weekly customer call backs

   2.   Sales Activity

  • Sales person’s number one focus is to create activity
  • Treat every lead as an opportunity to educate a customer
  • “WOW” factor will create referrals

   3.  Drive The Revenue

  • Concentrate activities on actions that will drive revenue beyond plan.
  • Fast Start Competitions
  • Training and Development
  • Hold every leader accountable to exceed their team plan.

     4.  Reward and Recognize

  • Any successful salesperson will earn good income….they crave attention and stroking of ego.
  • Focus on “Personal Bests”
  • Walk around, observe and LISTEN
  • Daily, “Catch Someone Doing Something Right and Tell them”

    5. Performance Management

  • All leaders keep eye on “Dashboard Report”
  • Rehabilitate or Release non performers
  • At end of day “we cannot afford to carry passengers”.  If on the bus without a ticket, purchase a ticket or……………..


Game Plan Summary

A game plan that covers your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is essential for smooth implementation.

Planning and setting Business Strategy is essential, but he/she who implements best wins!

The game plan communication needs to clearly articulate three things:

  • It will enable Business Strategy to be achieved.
  • Every team members input and effort is valuable and necessary to achieve results.
  • You have total confidence in every team member meeting expectations.

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By Ken Wright