A leader needs to give team permission to “Have Fun”

Recent research (see links at the end of this post)  has revealed that having fun and being joyful at work enhances morale, motivation and improves results. (Read my wife Amanda Gore’s blog post here on Why Joy is the New Competitive Advantage)

How can you make work a fun place to be? One idea is to create fun activities with a “service” theme for staff. One method I have used successfully is to create teams and have them search for the holy grail of elusive great service moments. They present their findings at a team meeting where everyone votes on the winners.

It is also important to have fun with customers. Build relationships with them based on a win-win philosophy.

The benefits of instilling a fun atmosphere in your organization and with your customers are many:

  • Customer loyalty increases, leading  to more future  sales.
  • You create  customer advocates, who provide warm referrals.
  • Recruiting  great people  is easier  as you become  known as an employer of choice.
  • Interaction among coworkers improves.
  • Morale improves as positive customer responses keep everyone in a better  mood.
  • There are fewer employee issues  with tardiness or absenteeism.
  • Employees’ lives are enriched at work, and they stay with you.
  • You earn a positive company  reputation.
  • Discounting  products or services  will not be necessary, as customers  truly perceive  an increased value in superior service.
  • It enhances your bottom  line.

Take a look at these links for more reading about happiness at work and how bringing fun to your team can bring profits:

By Ken Wright

Contact me at Ken@Engage4Results.com if you would like to find out how you introduce fun into your workplace