How engaged are your leadership team……that may be only you if running a small business!

With all the information on how a highly engaged team influences morale, motivation and results within a business it continues to amaze me that the worldwide surveys tell us that only around 30% of team members are highly engaged.

Late last year I was invited to be the keynote speaker at an engagement conference in Jamaica by the Jamaican Business Development Corporation. Their Prime Minister opened the conference and spoke passionately about the need for Jamaican businesses to lift team engagement which in turn will lift productivity. The surveys showed their engagement similar to elsewhere in the World but they are making a concerted effort to improve.

Back to your leaders, if they are not highly engaged you have little hope of their team members being highly engaged. In tough business times with increasing competition it is essential to have all leaders working at engaging their teams as this increases morale, motivation and translates into increased sales and better bottom line results.

Everyone on your team is a “Profit Centre” or “Cost Centre” there are relatively simple ways to increase team engagement.

In this 2 minute video there is a snapshot of ways I help leaders increase team engagement.

How long since you did an “Engagement Survey” to really find out how engaged your team are?

I have been using my survey across a wide range of industries, big and small companies for over 7 years, if interested in finding out about how to put this in place for a very moderate investment contact me and we can discuss.

Ken Wright