Hello Everybody,

We are going to look at constructing a Game Plan that will help you and your team have a successful 2016.

I like to describe this as a simple 4 or 5 point action plan that is formulated by you and your team with a view of achieving your intentions. All leaders in your business (or team members) need to be involved in setting the Game Plan, and it should be constantly communicated to everyone in the business.

It doesn’t matter the type or size of your business, you always need a Game Plan! Every sales person, manager, leader, and business owner should have one.

You will need to ensure the Game Plan links back into your Strategy to ensure that your Strategic Vision will be achieved.

The following is a sample Game Plan that I have used successfully in a number of businesses….

Game Plan:

  1. Customer Care
  • Create customer focus
  • Find your “WOW” Factor–what is your superior differentiator?
  • What are you prepared to do that your competitors are not?
  • Over-promise and DELIVER!
  • Leaders should do weekly customer call-backs
  • Execute transactions with low cost and high reliability
  • Reward customer service good news stories
  • Employ the customer concerns Sundown Rule: Get back to the customer before the end of the day and give an update and anticipated time frame to investigate/fix concern
  1. Sales Activity
  • Sales person’s number-one focus is to create activity
  • The leader should develop his or her team’s skills in pipeline management
  • Treat every lead like gold and as an opportunity to educate a customer
  • “WOW” factor will create referrals
  • Reward sales people who obtain referrals
  • When not face to face with a customer, the sales person is effectively unemployed
  • It’s the leader’s responsibility to enhance teams’ sales skills via attribute/skill development on a monthly basis
  • Leader should conduct joint field work to obtain accurate feedback
  1. Drive the Revenue
  • Concentrate activities on actions that will drive revenue beyond plan
  • Fast start competitions
  • Training and development
  • Treat advertising as an investment, but measure effectiveness closely and only advertise in mediums that are producing cost effective results
  • Only spend on marketing when 10 for 1 return is possible
  • Hold every leader accountable to exceed the team plan
  • All leaders manage their team on daily basis without micro-managing
  1. Reward and Recognize
  • Any successful salesperson will earn a good income, yet they also crave attention and their ego stroked
  • Weekly phone calls to top performers
  • Monthly cards to top performers and anyone achieving a personal best
  • Focus on Personal Bests
  • Walk around, observe, and LISTEN
  • Practice this daily: “Catch someone doing something right and tell him or her how you are impressed”
  • Recognition needs to be S.A.T. (Specific/Authentic/Timely)
  1. Performance Management
  • Plans/budgets set for business units, sales teams, and individuals based on numbers needed to achieve Business Strategy
  • All leaders keep an eye on “Dashboard Report”
  • Rehabilitate or release non-performers
  • Train to retain
  • Stale? Motivate with project or mentoring role
  • “Find hot buttons” to motivate individuals
  • Leaders should have a “How can I help you?” mentality
  • Analyze performance weekly
  • Work with people to determine if performance deviations are attitude or skill
  • Monthly and quarterly management accountability meetings should be held to ensure performance is on track
  • Every team member is on the attribute/skill monthly development program
  • At the end of the day, we cannot afford to carry passengers. If you’re on the bus without a ticket, purchase a ticket or…GET OFF THE BUS!

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Game Plan Summary

As the owner of this Game Plan, you need to ensure the plan covers your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and that every player buys in, this is essential for smooth implementation.

The game plan communication needs to clearly articulate four things:

  • Following the Game Plan will achieve Business Strategy.
  • Achieving Business Strategy will enable Corporate Strategy to be achieved.
  • Every team member’s input and effort is valuable and necessary to achieve results.
  • You have total confidence in every team member meeting expectations.

Create your “Game Plan” and have a super successful 2016!

Best regards

Ken Wright

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