If you are not getting the success you feel you deserve as a business owner or leader check the balance of your relationships and results.

When these are out of balance it is very costly.

In my book “The People Pill” there are many hints and tips at improving relationships with your team members and customers, when they are highly engaged your productivity will thrive.

It starts with engaging your team members. It certainly stands out to us when dealing with a business where team members are not engaged. Highly engaged team members are at least 30% more productive than “Fence Sitters” and hugely more productive than any business destroying disengaged players you are carrying. Once team members are engaged then we start working on engaging the customers.

Engaging your customers moves them through the following chain:

Prospect → Customer → Client → Advocate → Raving Fan

The aim of the game is to WOW your customers and get them to become “Raving Fans” who cannot help telling all and sundry about your business.

In my presentations we cover numerous ways to engage team members and customers, the following 3 minute whiteboard video gives you a snapshot of some things we cover:

Okay you have engaged team members and customers but the business is still not thriving, then we need to look at the other “R” Results.

In the consulting and coaching side of my business it is relatively rare to find leaders or business owners that are great at relationships and results. They usually excel at one and are ordinary at the other, without them in balance results will be average at best.

Where do you and any other leaders in your business sit with R & R?

I have worked with leaders and business owners that had a huge focus on one to the detriment of the other:

– A great focus on results and profitability and not bringing the people along, this destroys engagement and productivity.

– Or a focus on engaging their people who love working there, productivity lifts but the end results and profitability are far less than expected and required.

When I led Westpac Financial Services we concentrated on engaging the team and customers raising these from the 50 percentile range up in to the 90’s. This improved morale, motivation, retention and productivity yet we had to consistently monitor the levers that produced acceptable profitability from this enhanced productivity.

If your R & R are out of sync it is costing you big time, if this resonates with you contact me for a no obligation discussion on how we may work together to give you the bottom line results that you deserve.

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Ken Wright
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