eBook The People Pill – Chapter 5 The Cure for Employees Who Aren’t Connecting With Customers


Prescription 5
If you want your employees to connect with customers and deliver exceptional service, you have to create a culture of valuing customers, make sure everybody understands how to wow your customers, develop exceptional customer service skills in your people, and measure customer satisfaction regularly.

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Prescription 5
To state  the obvious, without  customers, your business would not survive. But without employees who are focused on outstanding customer service, you wouldn’t have customers, particularly the  most  valuable kind: loyal customers. In  any organization, employees who aren’t  connecting with customers—internal customers or external ones—are a weak link that will negatively affect your chances for success.

Leaders of the most successful organizations understand the importance of getting and keeping employees focused on offering great customer service. It’s the employees and the companies who set high expectations for service and then meet or even exceed those expectations who come out on top. If you have employees who can’t seem to connect with customers or who don’t understand the importance of exceptional customer service, you need to address the issue immediately.


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