eBook The People Pill – Chapter 4 The Cure for Employees Who Underperform


Prescription 4
If you want to have employees performing at top levels, or even expected levels, you have to set high expectations and live by them, review performance consistently, address and analyze poor performance immediately and directly, and coach, train, and support poor performers until they’ve improved.

Prescription 4
Addressing issues of poor performance is a challenge for most leaders. We all want to believe that if we create the right environment, provide employees with the right tools, and offer good training and development opportunities, we’ll never have to talk to an employee about poor performance. It makes us uncomfortable just thinking about it.

But the reality is that  no matter what you do to ensure high performance levels, not every person on your team is going to live up to your or your organization’s expectations. And while pulling an employee up to higher levels of performance may not be a part of your job that you look forward to, it can be a highly rewarding experience for both of you. But if you want to be successful, you have to have a process and plan for how to deal with issues of performance.


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