eBook The People Pill – Chapter 3 The Cure for Discontented Employees


Prescription 3
If you want to have happy, content employees who stay for the long term, you need to hire well, use creative and proactive methods to retain your most valued team members, and use recognition and reward programs to let employees know how much they are valued.

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Prescription 3
Having discontented  employees is one of the  worst problems a leader can face because it can result in high turnover, which is incredibly costly. In fact, losing quality employees affects the bottom line more significantly than any other human resource issue. At the Families and Work  Institute,  a nonprofit  research organization that addresses the changing nature of work and family life, experts tell company leaders that it will cost about 75 per-cent of a non managerial worker’s annual salary to replace her and 150 percent of a manager’s annual salary.


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