eBookThe People Pill – Chapter 2 The Cure for Employees With Bad Attitudes


Prescription 2
If you want  to improve the  attitudes of  the  people on your team,  you need to identify and correct potential negative contributors  in the  organization, make sure you offer  fair compensation, model the attitude  and  behaviors you want  your team to emulate, build a culture that supports positive attitudes  and work habits,  and  consistently  work to improve motivation  and  morale.

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Prescription 2
In the business world, “bad attitude” is a catchall category for a lot of tough people problems: unwillingness to work with others, lack of initiative, fear of failure that leads to lack of confidence, low morale, or a general lack of motivation that can result from a variety of circumstances. Sometimes the problem behind a bad attitude resides solely with the infected employee, but often the problem is much larger and requires a holistic approach to improve the mood within the team or organization.
Tackling problems of attitude is a tough challenge for leaders because there are so many potential contributors to the problem. But if you have a problem with attitude, motivation, or morale in your team, your first step had better be to put into practice what you learned in Prescription 1, because earning employees’ respect by respecting them goes a long way toward ensuring positive attitudes and high levels of motivation and morale.


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