eBook The People Pill – Chapter 1 – The Cure for Employees Who Don’t Respect You


Prescription 1
If you want  to earn the respect of your team, earn their trust and  show them that you value them  as people and  employees.

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Prescription 1
In almost any relationship, people want to be respected. That desire becomes a necessity for people in managerial roles. Without  the respect of your team, how will you achieve great results? It will be almost impossible. Many leaders who don’t have the respect of their team blame this lack of respect usually either on their team’s poor attitude and unwillingness to follow direction or on the company leaders’ poor direction. But an employee’s respect for a leader is based on two elements: trust in the leader and feeling valued by the leader. Without these elements, even managers who are skilled at what they do will have a hard time earning the respect of their teams and leveraging that respect to take their team to a higher level of performance.


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