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The Cure for Every Manager’s Number One Problem


What is a manager's number one headache? Dealing with people, particularly employees. And what is the cure? The People Pill. Based on techniques time-tested over twenty-five years by management veteran Ken Wright, The People Pill is a practical, simple guide grounded in the basic element of success with people--being an authentic leader.

The People Pill presents seven chapters with prescriptions to cure the most aggravating people problems. From dealing with employees with bad attitudes to managers who can't lead, The People Pill goes beyond platitudes to provide concrete action steps that bring results. Diagnosis, Lab Work, Your New Health Regimen, and other informative sections within each chapter present cutting edge managerial research, case studies, and pointed calls-to-action that will teach any manager how to create a winning people-development strategy.

By leading from the head and the heart, Wright demonstrates how managers can turn their people problems into business solutions, while gaining increased respect, satisfaction, and results. Brilliantly conceived, thoroughly researched, and inventively presented, The People Pill is the perfect prescription to cure your people problems and achieve unbounded success.


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