Ken Wright and Engage4Results have the perfect prescription for curing your “people problems” to build a team of extraordinary leaders, high powered sales people and achieve unbounded success.

    Before you decide how Engage4Results can meet  your business needs:

    Ask yourself these simple questions:

    • Do people trust and respect all my leadership team?
    • Are they perceived as enthusiastic, passionate and exciting leaders?
    • Are they achieving amazing results by engaging people?
    • Do they know how to turn “problem people” into motivated, contributing team members?

    The 9 reasons why leaders and business owners work with Engage4Results:

    1. You are passionate about developing your people to their optimum potential
    2. You want to see your people working together in awesome teams
    3. You are ready to dramatically improve your bottom line
    4. You need someone who can take a helicopter view of your business without being blinded by years of experience within the industry
    5. You need a coach like Jordan Spieth does! A business coach is like a sporting coach, pushing to achieve optimum performance, always looking at new strategies and ideas, supporting their endeavors, teaching superb implementation, and then celebrating success!
    6. You need a consultant to help put in place inexpensive recognition and reward programs that lift motivation and morale
    7. You need a re-injection of passion, that feeling you had when you commenced the business
    8. You are looking for a business “Head-to-Toe Makeover”
    9. You are very comfortable in the fact that all Engage4Results programs carry a 100% money-back guarantee!


    Engage4Results offers presentations, workshops, coaching and business development aimed at enhancing engagement, productivity, sales, customer service and implementation of strategies.

    We tailor our workshops and coaching sessions to meet the needs and desired outcomes of our clients.

    The following are examples of the programs available. All are interactive, dynamic and fun and can be modified.

    1. Leaders Who Engage – The Key To Better Results

    Duration: Minimum 2 hours to half day.

    Why: Because leaders need to know how to engage their teams. Actively engaged team members are 28% more productive. Engaged customers will become advocates, buy more and have longer lasting relationships. Engaging teams and customers always leads to better business outcomes. Designed for leaders, managers, supervisors.

    What they learn:

    • Why engagement matters and how to inspire teams through effective leadership
    • Benefits of engagement and how to inspire teams through effective leadership
    • Courageous leadership to solve issues and lift performance
    • Personal success plan to develop team members
    • How to engage and WOW customers
    • How to be diligent, persistent and rigorous as a leader and still respected
    • Takeaways that can be implemented immediately. These cost little in time and money yet improve morale, motivation and results 

    2. How To Be Happier And Achieve More At Work: Personal Success

    Duration: 2 hours to half day

    Why: For your whole team because in todays tough economic climate, everyone needs to step up and perform as a leader no matter what their title. This workshop gives them a growth and development plan that they own and stick to.

    What they learn:

    • Participants will identify the top skills/abilities to be the best in their field
    • They will recognize and learn from those they consider the best in the team
    • They will privately rank themselves against those they consider the best
    • And then create a monthly game plan to improve in each area
    • Why engagement is critical for a joyful, productive workplace and how to engage more
    • How to assess their own attitude, mood and engagement – and strategies to change them
    • How to set and achieve high expectations in a fast changing work landscape
    • How to increase mindfulness both at work and in life – and how it changes everything!

    3. Team Synergy: The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of The Parts

    Duration: Full day

    Why: Because this results from this workshop will make it one of the most exciting full day trainings you will run in your business. At the end of the day you will hardly recognize your highly motivated, energized team, ready and willing to execute your game plan to success!

    What they learn:

    • The strategy, vision, and values you want them to share and bring alive
    • The game plan you want them all to implement – and the motivation to do it
    • The importance of developing themselves – and how to do it
    • The significance of developing each member of their teams – and how to do it
    • How to produce results that will astound you!

    4. Good. Better. Best. You Don’t Have To Be Sick To Get Better

    Duration: Full day

    Why: Because this workshop will take high performing teams (or any team!) to the next level. It will challenge belief systems and old structures, replacing them with a re-energized approach agreed upon by the team.

    What they learn:

    • How to improve team performance
    • How to sort, recruit and select the right people
    • Internal team leadership skills
    • How to identify, improve or remove ‘passengers’
    • How to engender greater trust & respect
    • How to incorporate and value peer coaching
    • How to develop people – to have them feel cared for and inspired
    • How to find people’s motivating ‘hot buttons’ and play to them
    • Skills to give them greater confidence & self esteem
    • How to remove glass ceilings
    • How to enhance the bottom line in a number of different ways

    5. The ‘WOW’ Factor – Customer Engagement on Steroids

    Duration: 2 hours to half day

    Why:  In the 1960’s, Ken’s father ran his own very successful business through implementing the ‘WOW’ factor! This strategy works as brilliantly today as it did then, because people are still people with the same emotional needs. Applied to our current economic climate and the constant change that is part of life they still make the customer experience excellent today.

    What they learn:

    • What the WOW Factor is and why and how it works
    • Your own personal WOW Factors
    • The WOW factors your company offers or can offer
    • How to lift your team’s customer engagement
    • The customer chain and how it transforms profits-Prospects/Customers/Clients/Raving Advocates
    • How to dramatically referrals
    • How to exceed the customer’s expectations

    6. Turbo-Charging Sales 

    Duration: 2 hours to half day

    Why: If you are a leader who is serious about increasing profits you will put your entire sales team through this workshop. The hidden knowledge from within your team will be brought out, polished, and a commitment to a new process gained. This new-found confidence in their game plan will produce outstanding results from the increased self motivation. This workshop will dramatically lift sales.

    What they learn:

    • How to acquire more prospects
    • How to manage a pipeline
    • How to improve their conversion rate
    • How to excel at customer care
    • How to differentiate from the competition
    • How to stay resilient in a changing and challenging environment


    Business development programs are project based, have specific outcomes and continue for agreed periods.

    1. Platinum Program – “Building a Better Business”

    This program is for the leader or business owner who is determined to make a significant difference quickly. But, it’s not for the half-hearted; there will be tough decisions to be made and changes facilitated.

    It will include:

    • Strategic Review
    • Game Plan Implementation
    • Rigorous Action Planning
    • People Development
    • Sales Stimulation
    • Lifting Motivation and Morale
    • Removing Passengers

    2. Engaging Your People – “Personal Success Plan”

    This program is aimed at inculcating people development as a key component of your engagement culture. This unique proprietary program will start at the top and cascade through your organization. It has astonishing effects on performance, workplace culture and motivation.

    Changes you will see:

    • Motivation and morale escalates
    • Self esteem soars
    • Confidence grows
    • Retention improves
    • Results take off

    In my experience, every time this has been implemented correctly results improve by a minimum of 20% within 3 months.

    3. Strategic Planning and Implementation

    All respected companies have a strategy in place, which includes excellent vision and values. The winners not only have it in place but have total buy-in from all staff and execute the strategy superbly.

    This program addresses the following:

    • Strategy revision
    • Mission statement
    • Vision and values
    • Leaders’ buy-in
    • Employees’ buy-in
    • Implementation game plan

    4. Leadership Consulting and Coaching

    This service analyzes current practices and provides professional external insight to enhance existing processes, develop new sound procedures, and streamline leadership. Typically this package could include the following, but like all our programs it will be tailored specifically to meet your needs:

    • People recruitment/selection
    • Sales pipeline
    • Customer experience
    • People development and engagement
    • Performance management
    • Problem solving strategies
    • Sales Conference Planning
    • Inexpensive Recognition Programs
    • Raising Motivation & Morale

    All Engage4Results programs are 100% Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the results 30 days after completion, your full investment will be refunded.