As we head into another year let’s make 2014 an awesome one. The majority of you will have seen my 3 minute whiteboard video on engaging & motivating your team.

The link is below as well…please view this and commit to taking on three of these activities of engagement in 2014 that you are not doing consistently now…

It really will make a difference to morale, motivation & results.

To me there are four “People Cornerstones” to improving performance:

1. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

We are born with a level of IQ and this hardly alters during our life, yet our EQ can be developed. Why does it take months rather than days to improve an EQ competency, like changing a habit of reacting in a rage to issues rather than responding and working together to fix issues?

Usually, it’s because we are acting out a habit or pattern – which is embedded in the neocortex (the thinking brain that gains knowledge and sets patterns based on perceptions very quickly). Instead, in conflict situations, we are dealing with the emotional centers of the brain. To master new habits the emotional part of the brain needs to unlearn and relearn, this takes focus and repetition or as my wife describes it, we need to “FARC” :

Focus – An intent focus on what we want to change within us

Attention – Be attentive and alert when these issues arise

Repetition – Practice makes perfect, repeat our new responding technique rather than reacting – until responding becomes the new habit

Celebration – Each time we improve our responses, celebrate our success

Improving your EQ will help you build respect as a leader.

2. Understand, Recognize and Acknowledge

Really get to know your team members, understand them, their family, their hobbies AND their motivators and use these “Hot Buttons” to get the best out of each individual through “Recognition & Acknowledgement” that costs nothing.

3. Develop Your People

An above average leader is someone who improves their people consistently on a monthly basis by a minimum of 10% in one important skill or attribute. I have worked with many of you on my “Skills & Attributes” model described on pages 18-24 of my book. The first chapter is free – click here to download it.

4. Be Courageous

Your gut/heart tells you when you need to have a courageous conversation…put it off at your peril…the team knows who the leader should be having these conversations with and they will quickly lose respect if issues affecting the team’s performance are not addressed.

Following these four “Cornerstones” will create followership. Think about the example you are setting, and who would want to “follow” you as a leader?

Now, please watch this 3 minute video and commit to doing three of these things consistently in 2014…you will be amazed at the results!

I know the following McKinsey article is old, but it’s timeless AND confirms the “Getting beyond money motivating” that my video talk’s about…

May your 2014 be one of great fulfillment, purpose and joy in your work!