How to Skill & Empower Your Team

How to Skill & Empower Your Team

If you are systematic and consistent in putting people development first on your priority list, your entire team will make the same commitment. Leading the creation of such a culture is not easy. You have to start with yourself, your direct reports and set the clear expectation that  they will cascade your attitude  and processes through  their teams. The real organizational cultural change occurs when it starts with the CEO  and filters through the entire organization. But the size of your team does not matter, nor does it matter if you do not have other leaders as direct reports. You can still initiate the process of developing your people. Keep in mind that  people will know when you are truly committed to this kind of culture change, so don’t waste time going through the motions if you’re not willing to see it through.

The program I have developed is intensive, yet simple, not overly time consuming and gives outstanding results individually or with teams. I call this program “Personal Success Plan”.

In my 30 plus years of leadership I would say that this is the number one tool that helped me be successful and I have used this in numerous businesses in my consulting business and it is the cornerstone of my leadership coaching.

It is a different kind of personal development plan in that it engages team members as they are in control of selecting Skills & Attributes to work on with an aim of improving the selected skill by 10% in that month.

Incremental improvement in action!  When this is instigated with the entire team morale and motivation improve and results take off!

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