How to Create Client/Customer Advocacy

How to Create Client/Customer Advocacy

When you have your team engaged it is time to really engage customers.

If you are not obtaining a minimum of 33% of new business direct from customer referrals your clients/customers are not engaged!
You need to teach your team the process to “Advocacy”:

Prospects – Customers – Clients – Advocates

Let’s acknowledge some important  realities of conducting business today. Marketing has become inescapable, competition in most industries is fierce, and most customers face many demands on their time and attention. The challenges here are apparent: It can be tougher than ever before to reach customers.

However, wherever there is a challenge, I see an opportunity for excellence to shine through. One piece of incredibly good news in all this is that truly exceptional customer care has a greater impact than ever before, because so few individuals and companies deliver it. Today, when a salesperson does connect with a customer, it’s more critical and more beneficial than ever to wow that customer, potentially creating an advocate for your business and a source of referrals—which is the best, most successful marketing of all.

In workshops on this topic, I begin by asking people to recall a significant retail purchase they’ve made in the last few years that was marked by truly exceptional customer service; the type of service that has you wanting to tell one and all about your experience. It is a sad reflection on the state of service that most everyone can recall a customer service horror story, but it is rare that someone can recount a time when he received absolutely sensational service. Can you recall such an experience of outstanding service that had you referring family and friends to the business? Reflection on this can help you visualize the very real opportunity available to you when you can wow customers, and it helps you form your own definition of what the elusive wow factor means when it comes to your products and services.

“A moment of truth is anytime a customer comes into contact with anyone in our organization in a way that they can get an impression. How do we answer the phone?   How do we check  people  in?   How do we greet them on our planes?    How do we interact with them during flights?   How do we handle a baggage claim?   What happens when a problem occurs?”

—Jan Carlzon, former president of Scandinavian Airlines Systems

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