How to Be an Inspiring Leader Who Creates Followership

How to Be an Inspiring Leader Who Creates Followership

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do people trust and respect leaders in your business?
  • Are they perceived as enthusiastic, passionate, and exciting leaders?
  • Are they achieving amazing results by engaging their teams?
  • Do they know how to turn “problem people” into motivated, contributing team members?

Consider  the  following statements  (statistics  from  Gallup Organization and TNS Media Intelligence):

■    Four out of ten Australian employees feel disconnected with their employers. (tns media intelligence)

■    Disengaged workers cost the Australian economy $36 billion per annum. (gallup)

■    A meager 18 percent of Australians believe they are engaged at work. (gallup)

■    Disengaged workers aren’t just unhappy at work—every day these people undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish. (gallup)

■    Only 31 percent of Australian employees view their managers as strong leaders. (tns media intelligence)

■    As many as 90 percent of Australians leave their jobs when they fail to make an emotional connection with their boss. (gallup)

Companies that do not have these people issues have leaders who can cultivate and leverage positive relationships with their people and their customers, relationships that foster trust, consideration, and mutual benefit. They truly connect with people, engage them, and create environments that promote high morale and motivation, consistent recognition, initiative and collaboration, and the highest levels of performance.

We have developed programs that teach new and established leaders ways to engage and develop their people, these programs can be keynote presentations,  in-house workshops, all tailored to your specific needs, or one-on-one coaching.

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