In this blog post I am going to talk about continuous improvement. This is an essential element for a leader to focus on as we strive to achieve our intentions.

“Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”

We’ve all heard this saying: it’s about doing the hard yards, pushing hard to inch your way forward. Another way we say this in Australian Rules football is “doing the one-percenters.” That is, doing the small, hard things that lift a team by displaying courage and commitment.

The same is true in leadership. You have to have a long-term vision, a destination, and intentions of how to get there; but most of us get there in small steps as we keep pushing forward, gaining and retaining ground as we proceed.

Continuous improvement is the key, as well as taking steps forward toward your intentions and also working on developing yourself. When you commit to improving your own skills this will set an excellent example for your team to follow.

It took me 17 positions and 26 years to rise from a bank teller to CEO of Westpac Investments and Insurance. Your team needs to see that you have done the hard yards; if they do, t hey will have confidence in you knowing that you have trained and planned. They know that leadership is about persistence–it takes guts, drive, determination, and a supreme belief in what you are doing.

When in doubt as to what to work at, look at doing something clearly directed at improving individual and/or team performance. Remember that if all you did was improve performance by 10% in one specific key area for each team member each month, you would be an above-average leader and have a great chance of achieving above-average results.

In all your actions, look at them and ask yourself the following questions:

  •     Is this respectful behavior?
  •     Is this building trust?
  •     Is this moral and ethical?
  •     Is this customer-centric?

Thinking big does not hurt, but you need to keep your head out of the clouds, have humility and not let your ego take over…and inch forward by doing the one-percenters!

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Best wishes,

Ken Wright