We are going to talk about connecting with all people, but especially with our co-workers.

The feeling of connection is critical in all relationships, be they business or personal. You know that feeling you get when someone is visiting with you and you feel that, at that time, you are the most important person in the world?

That feeling is because you know you are valued. People feel valued when they know their leader has taken the time and put in the effort to really connect with them.

Connecting is all about discovering the needs of the people you are trying to develop, and putting your heart into doing what is best for them. When they feel you doing thi s authentically, their trust in you goes up and their loyalty to the company rises as well.

Understanding and connecting with people must be a manager’s number-one priority. It’s more important than the numbers for any given month, and more important than enforcing any one policy or procedure. Making this connection requires truly getting to know your people. You must empathize with their individual needs to conquer challenges, feel supported, and be valued.

This is critical: the best decisions can only come from knowing your people, connecting with them at a heart level, and working with them to develop their skills. You need to know your people and your business more thoroughly and intimately than anyone else. Your decisions will be respected and deliver results only if you connect with your people on an emotional level as well as intellectually. This level of connection enables both trust and respect, and will help you kno w what skills each person can develop and how. In turn, trust and respect allow you to be open and objective as you work to develop your people.

The aim of the great leader is not to get people to think more highly of the leader. It’s to get people to think more highly of themselves. -EDGE Learning

If your people feel you know and care about them, that will have a fantastic impact on performance. People who are happy in their roles and carry a strong sense of purpose will perform exceptionally. Such a wave of clear intention and healthy self-esteem is the best way to drive results from any sales team.

Now over to you…establish an intention to connect, create a plan, and execute it without fail!

Best wishes,

Ken Wright