Well, we have our game plan in place and we’re in the process of getting everyone motivated.

That’s a great start; now we need to consider how we’re going to ensure we achieve our desired outcomes.

Achieving Intentions

I prefer to call “goals” “intentions.” My reason is that in my opinion, having an intention to achieve something involves the heart as well as the head, while goals are primarily from the head.

New Year’s resolutions are dreams or goals that are usually broken within two days. Why? I believe it’s because we probably didn’t buy into the process with our heart–we never passionately intended to achieve the outcome. It was all “head stuff.”

A leader’s role is to bring life and passion to desired outcomes. We need to truly believe we will achieve the desired results and we need to bring our team along with us in having those same desires. Once the intentions are set then it’s our role to ensure we have in place the appropriate evaluation tools to stay on track.

Let’s explore one of the greatest Leadership Principles…


It’s human nature to complete tasks to a higher standard when you know that the results will be inspected, so ensure your people are aware of the inspection process. This has to include daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly sign posts.

Setting Intentions

Now that we have allocated budgets to each team, it’s the leader’s role to allocate targets to individuals. This will be done differently depending on the development stage of the team, as your team matures they become more involved in the planning and budgeting.

The leader should consistently maintain a laser-sharp focus on ensuring each team member achieves these intentions.

This focus will be enhanced by setting crystal clear “smart” intentions and definitive actions to achieve:

·What will precisely be achieved?
·Input from whom?

·How will we measure it?
·Quantity, Quality, Number, $’s, Time
·How will we know when achieved?

·Can the intention be achieved?
·Do we have control over outcome?
·Does it have enough stretch?

·Does this support Business Strategy?
·Does it link into Game Plan?
·Does it match Vision and Values?

·When does this need to be completed?
·When are the checkpoints?

Excellent results are achieved when well thought-out plans and intentions are in place and they are constantly measured, inspected, and reviewed.

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