About Ken

Ken Wright found his calling as a leader early in the course of his business career. Beginning as a bank teller in Australia, at age 16, Ken was quickly promoted and became the youngest bank manager appointed at the time in the Westpac Banking Corporation. He later went on to become CEO of Westpac Financial Services Limited in 1993, whose profitability grew by 425% under his guidance and leadership. He joined Aussie Home Loans, Australia’s leading non-bank lender, in 2000. As an executive there, Ken used his leadership capabilities and strategic planning and implementation skills to grow the business and raise profitability significantly beyond the expectations of management.

Ken’s success as a leader is not only limited to his professional life. He has applied his drive for achievement and his ability to set and focus on his goals to his personal life as well. He played three different sports—football, athletics, and cricket—semi-professionally while building his business career in Australia. He has also completed five marathons.

In 2004, Ken married Amanda Gore and moved to Dallas where he commenced his business Engage4Results, a business consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in people engagement. Ken also does keynote presentations on leadership and interactive workshops where he utilises the proven concepts explained in his best selling, award winning book The People Pill

His business also inculcates the message his wife Amanda offers to audiences throughout the world and provides a mechanism for them to implement the strategies she recommends through one-on-one personal coaching and group leadership coaching.



Ken has three children living in Australia, Rebecca and Renee, who are both Mums (ex-lawyers), and Matt, who is into horticulture more than law. Rebecca married Tim in October 2006, and they have a son, Jack William (March 2008) and Ruby (September 2010). Renee married Max in April 2009 and Ava was born January 2013. Matt still enjoys the single life. Being a parent taught Ken many skills and he uses some of these in his coaching today



Ken’s business experience includes 32 years in the financial services industry and 8 years as a CEO of a major financial group. With a long history of realizing his potential both in the business world and in his personal life, Ken attributes his success to being an approachable and understanding leader with very high expectations. He feels displaying empathy is important as you concentrate on engaging and inspiring your people while having an intent focus on superb implementation of key business objectives.

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“What makes Ken stand out from other Business Coaches is his CEO background and business savvy. We were immediately impressed with the depth of knowledge Ken has and his genuine desire to meet our needs. Over 12 months ago Ken commenced coaching our new Franchisee’s for their initial 3 months and the faster start these people are achieving is due in a significant way to Ken’s work.

I think what makes Ken successful is his sound knowledge base and his commitment to clients. He invested a great deal of time getting to know our business and our people.

We continue to use Ken coaching our new people and in a number of different ways dealing with our new and established Franchisee’s.

The results have been outstanding in all situations.”

-Ian W. Moses, Founder and CEO, Aussie Pet Mobile, Dana Point CA

“Ken proved to be an exceptional motivator and developer of people while in his senior position at Aussie, and even now he continues to provide leadership and guidance – his commitment to people is enduring.”

-James Symond, Director, Mortgages and Distribution, Aussie Home Loans, Australia

“I can’t think of a better, more profitable, long-term step for a business to take than to have key players spend a little time with Ken Wright. What Ken talks about is exactly what our companies need today…logical compassion, time spent the best ways, and a commitment to making money with a ‘win/win’ attitude that values customers.
If your people are cynical, or frustrated, they should talk to Ken. Ken gets it. He knows ethics and profit don’t have to be in conflict. He’s wise, beyond his success. He has thought about people—and, even, better, he’s formulated a system that management can make work right away. Step by step, Ken can make your business more successful. Better, the first time you talk to him, you’ll gain confidence in how much better it can be.”

-Kirk Palmer, Director, Business Writer & Communications Consultant, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Even though Ken left Westpac some years ago, his legacy lives on. Many staff members continue to attribute their success to Ken’s leadership and coaching. They remember fondly his devotion to engaging and developing people and his caring nature in being able to see the situation from their eyes. This acknowledgment of their feelings and difficulties they faced did not interrupt the drive and focus to lead the team to outstanding results. During his reign we experienced the highest staff morale and customer satisfaction, the lowest staff turnover, and exceptional results.”

-Tony Monaco, National Sales Manager, Westpac Financial Planning, Sydney, Australia

“Ken, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible job you did here at ReThink. We had some obvious challenges facing us and you brilliantly guided us through a potential landslide. We emerged intact and a much better company. Thanks so much and we’ll definitely call on you again.”

-David Singer, President, ReThink All Media, Dallas, Texas

“Ken has performed leadership development and coaching duties within our business and with our clients. He has a no-nonsense, practical, and down-to-earth approach while displaying empathy and compassion. The results in all cases have been outstanding.”

-Michelle Lemmons-Poscente, President, International Speakers Bureau, Dallas. Texas

“Ken Wright has been an exceptional mentor to me for over 20 years. His guidance and positive contribution to my development, both professionally and personally, have been invaluable. I recommend him unreservedly as a business or personal coach.”

-Ian D. Spolding, Founder and President, Advance Finance, Australia

Partial Client List

  • Aussie Petmobile – Dana Point, Calif. (corporate office) and multiple other franchises
  • International Speakers Bureau – Dallas, Texas
  • Lienerts  – Roseworthy, South Australia
  • OMC – Mooloolaba, Australia
  • Aussie Home Loans – Sydney, Australia
  • ReThink All Media – Dallas, Texas
  • North Coast Holiday Parks – Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • Commonwealth Bank – Sydney, Australia
  • Bank of Queensland – Brisbane, Australia
  • Advance Finance – Geelong, Australia
  • Firefly Education – Buderim, Australia
  • Australian Institute of Management -Brisbane, Australia
  • Skelton Sherborne – Brisbane, Australia
  • Deakin University -Geelong, Australia
  • Ipswich Council -Ipswich, Australia
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation – Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne University – Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaker Management -Dallas, Texas
  • Country Insurance & Financial Services – Bloomington, Illinois
  • Pet Care Services – Colorado Springs, Colorado