Many managers today lead mobile or off-site workforces, so let’s look at the major aspects of including, leading and developing these employees.

1. Include Them in the Development Processes
Make sure your mobile or off-site  employees are following the same  development process as the rest of your employees.

2. Use Technology to Include all in Meetings
Encourage teamwork by holding meetings  when it’s possible  for all off-site employees to attend,  or utilize videoconferencing or telephone conferencing.

3. Communicate Often
Help off-site  employees  feel  part of the bigger picture. Request frequent updates and share ideas and initiatives often. Make sure they are on every important email list. It is especially important that off-site workers are kept aware of things that are happening in your business and industry.

4. Adjust Your Review Criteria
Focus on measuring results—quantity  and quality of work, meeting  dead- lines, etc.—as you may not be able to measure  the process each employee goes through to get the results.

5.  Incentives and Rewards
Be sure to include off-site employees in any rewards, incentives, and competitions offered to the onsite team.

6. One-on-one Meetings
Conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with each off-site employee.

7.  Create Boundaries
Discourage  overwork in off-site  employees.  For those who are driven, working from home presents  the risk of working all the time. If they fall into this trap eventually they will burn out and become unproductive.  Don’t call or email them outside of reasonable business hours.

Your turn. What do you do to manage and include off-site staff?


By Ken Wright

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This excerpt was adapted from my book The People Pill