Today we are going to have a look at implementation, a key element we need to concentrate on to execute our strategy… and they all begin with ‘C’! Once again, it is amazing how many of these same things ring true in parenting!

Business strategies focus on the customer, products, services, and competition. Remember to be aware of your competitors’ strategy, as they will always be aware of yours…He or she who implements better, wins!

The Seven C’s of Implementation

1. Connect

I always say how important it is for leaders to connect their head to their heart and create a heart-to-heart connection with others. It’s all about feelings—people will long remember how you make them feel.

People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

When connected with your people it is possible to connect vision and values, performance and intentions, or any other purpose.

2. Communicate

Constantly communicate what has been done, what needs to be done, where to get information, and why it is being done. But in times of massive change beware of creating anxiety. This can happen if you communicate every little development. You need to be your team’s barometer and assess what to communicate and the timing of your communications.

3. Challenge

Having your team rise to the challenge and attain new heights is what leadership is all about. Prepare them for the challenge with attribute/skill development, building self esteem, and boldly leading them to become a winning team.

4. Change Agent

Implementation inevitably involves change across a wide spectrum—and change spurs emotion. Many leaders, while very conversant about strategic issues and crunching the numbers, fall short in the emotional realm.

Leaders should obtain professional help to address this situation. To be a successful change agent the leader needs to show his or her authenticity, empathy, and compassion as people grapple with change. Remember what I said earlier…It’s all about feelings!

5. Customer

As we go about implementing and navigating our way through these changes, remember to keep the customer foremost in your mind. Continually put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask: What, how, and why will this enhance the customer experience? To read more on creating exceptional customer service read: Explore your WOW Factors

6. Course Correction

While we need to start with a clear direction, we also need to be ready to navigate around obstacles. We cannot change the wind direction but we can change the angle of our sails as we guide our team into the winner’s circle.

Course correction is having a mindset of learning from mistakes and preempting disasters before they strike.

7. Commit

Commitment across the entire team responsible for implementation is an absolute necessity. The accountability and responsibility for each person’s part in achieving our intentions needs to be agreed at the outset, in writing.

The leadership team needs to create and own a “Game Plan” that will be constantly communicated to the entire team. This game plan needs to be simple yet powerful enough to ensure intended results are achieved.

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