Are you going to create a successful week this week?

Here are some things to focus your mind on what really matters:

  1. What actions on your “To Do List” can you move forward this week? What actions will you need to take to move those opportunities forward? What commitments are needed from you to make this happen? Move your toughest project to top of list and do tomorrow!
  2. Which of these commitments you’ve made in the past need to be kept this week? To whom do you owe a phone call? To whom do you owe information? Have you promised to take some action on someone’s behalf? When will you keep those commitments?
  3. Who do you need to thank? Do you need to send a thank-you card to a team member? Do you have clients who are long overdue for a gesture of gratitude? Who on your team could be invited to a “Breakfast of Champions”?
  4. Who are you going to help this week? Who needs your help? What are you going to do to help them? How are you going what has been paid forward to you?
  5. What courageous conversation needs to happen this week? How will you ensure you have the energy to tackle this tough one and generate the outcomes you need?
  6. What lessons have you learned over the past few weeks that you have yet to apply to your work?  What new ideas that you’ve read about or discussed need implementing? What do you need to do to turn newly obtained knowledge into results?
  7. What Skill or Attribute are you working on this month? What will you do to ensure you obtain your 10% improvement? Read pages 18-24 of The People Pill and take these actions with yourself and team.
  8. What is the one outcome you need to achieve this week to move closer to your biggest goal? Why is this goal important to you? What is the price you will pay for not achieving this goal? What will be your reward for reaching it? Have you blocked out time for the actions you need to get accomplish your goal?
  9. Who do you have to be this week to get the job done? Who do you have to be this week to achieve everything you want to achieve?
  10. I have been on the road the past 3 weeks and lost the plot re exercise & diet! My commitment is to get back on the horse and be back to my base weight in 7 days.  Keep me honest with that! Is there a commitment you need to make … and share with a Buddy to keep your toes to the flame!


You can share with me…. I’ll keep you honest! Keep the answers to these questions top of mind this week, and you’re bound to make progress toward your most important goals.

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