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From Bank Teller at 16 to CEO of Financial Services at Australia’s Largest Bank



“Great leaders have emotional intelligence but to really drive results and be exceptional leaders need what I call EQ2 engagement intelligence. EQ2 involves really understanding your people, finding their individual motivators work and on those hot buttons to improve morale, attitude and results”

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“Anything is Possible if  you have the Belief that you can Achieve it



Dear Ken,

My sincere thanks for your presentation last week on Leadership, Team Engagement and Customer Service to our senior leaders.
Your approach was very professional from day one, meeting with us for briefings, listening to our needs and then delivering all these requirements – plus some!
It was a brilliant presentation and the pitch, tone, message, theme …. well everything about it was spot on. The positive feedback I have been receiving via emails, phone calls and office drop-ins has continued into this week. We have had comments from seasoned leaders who have stated that this was the best leadership presentation they have ever attended.
Yours is a powerful message Ken and beautifully delivered, please stay in touch, I’m sure we will be utilising your services again.

Carl Wulff

Chief Executive Officer, Ipswich City Council

“Ken Wright has been an exceptional mentor to me and our team. His guidance and positive contribution to my development, both professionally and personally, has been invaluable. I recommend him unreservedly as a business or personal coach.”
In the past two years Ken has been coaching me and our team of lenders, during this time our business has grown whilst our competitors have had tough times with their business shrinking due to the Global Financial Crisis.
Ken’s system which focuses on developing people through an emphasis on improving skills has been very well accepted by all of our team and it is great to see their development which in tum improves their confidence, our customer relationships and ultimately our bottom line results.
Overall I feel Ken has had a significant impact in helping us achieve excellent results during a tough period of time in the Financial Services Industry.

Ian D. Spolding

Founder and CEO, Advanced finance Pty LTD

Ken Wright has been an executive coach for COUNTRY Financial for several years now. COUNTRY uses multiple executive coaches, but Ken has become the go to person for the sales and marketing team. His warm personality, understated demeanor, belies a disciplined, structured approach to management that focuses on personal accountability and measurable results. Ken has a gift for working with people and encouraging their development.
Our organization has benefited tremendously from our relationship with Ken and I highly recommend him.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Doyle J. Williams

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, COUNTRY Financial

Dear Ken
Re: Lead Team Workshop
My sincere thanks for your presentation to the Sofitel Brisbane Central Lead Team
Your presentation on Leadership, Team Engagement and Customer Focus was very well
received by our Lead Team and your ability to deliver the information in such a short amount of time and with great humour was very much appreciated. The presentation helped to
continue on the theme that the team had already been working on and will assist all who
attended to take their leadership to the next level and ensure Sofitel Brisbane Central is the leading hotel in Brisbane.
I have received many positive comments from all attendees and you managed to deliver a very powerful message to the team.
Thank you once again and please keep in contact as I am sure we will utilize your services again in the future.

Marcus Hanna

General Manager, Sofitel Brisbane